Modern Lifting Technology ArtNr.: 1-132

English, 1. edition 2017, Volume 19, from Dr. Marcel Schoch

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Modern Lifting Technology - Systems, Fields of Application, Practical Use
1. edition 2017, 56 pages, 102 pictures, colour, Softcover

Lifting devices have been part of the day-to-day activities in automotive workshops since the invention of the automobile. There is a huge range of different modern lifting  Systems. The technical brochure “ Modern Lifting Technology” first provides an overview of lifting technology, then describes different types and designs and then goes on to provide practical guidance for automotive professionals on workshop planning and how to decide which lifting system is right for them.

To begin with, the author delves into the history of lifting systems, and then presents detailed information about the contemporary designs and versions. This covers the requirements of the building and the infrastructure, as well as the fields of application. Overviews of the different types of lifts list their advantages and disadvantages.

Other chapters cover the installation of a new lift, occupational safety and accident prevention, as well as correct instructions of those operating the lifting equipment. The brochure is rounded off by chapters covering the lifting of vintage vehicles, special applications and a look into the future of lifting technology.


  • A Brief History of Vehicle Lifts
  • Two-Post Lifts
  • Single-Post Lifts
  • Drive-On Platform Lifts
  • Wheel-Engaging Column Lifts
  • Inground Inline Ram Lifts
  • Pits and Pit Jacks
  • Services from the Manufacturer
  • Framework Conditions, Installation and Safety
  • Occupational Safety and Accident Prevention
  • Special Case: Motorcycle Lifts
  • Lifting Vintage Cars
  • (Mobile) Special Constructions and Accessories
  • A Look into the Future

Voices to the book:

“Using the right lifting technology is crucial for our day-to-day business in the workshop. Select the correct lifting platforms is even more important. The technical brochure “Modern Lifting Technology” by Dr. Marcel Schoch provides the required level of transparency on this topic, and also provides support and useful tips.” 

Owner of Wolfis Garage, Seeshaupt, Germany

Dr. Marcel Schoch

Dr. Marcel Schoch learned the fundamentals of vehicle technology at the Munich-based company Fritz Lottmann Technik. As a Service Mechanic for BMW motorcycles, he also worked in the field of motorsport for the Paris-Dakar Rally. After finishing his degree in the history of technology, which he completed at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) and Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Schoch worked at the Technical University of Munich as a lecturer
and later as a curator and project manager in the land transport section at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Since 2001, Schoch has worked as a freelance technology and science editor and author, and also works as an inspector for the German Federation for Motor Trades and Repairs in Bonn on a voluntary basis.

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